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Welcome to Ruin's website !

Krakyn a posted May 7, 13
Welcome to Ruin's new home !
I ask that once you register, please update your profile and select who your main character is.  This will help establish what permissions you have, and help you navigate the site.
Today, the 11th of January, 2014 marks our 9th B-Day as a guild !
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Sylvaeren   created a new thread fiery edge in the General Discussion forum
AgrevailThis one time, the servers came up
Challenge   How in the fuck do they managed a 16 hour maintenance and no content in 12 months? Do they have bubble gum holding their servers together?
Agrevail   this used to happen every patch day. but theres no patch today is there.... confusing
Kaimelan   Fuck I remember it was always a question wether or not we would raid on tuesdays as to when servers would be or up or how laggy they would be
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Weasel   created a new thread Can i get in trouble? in the General Discussion forum
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Wobbuffet   created a new thread Wobbuffet, hunter, 576. in the Recruitment / Application Process forum
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