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Krakyn a posted May 7, 13

Ruin has been an end game raiding guild since Vanilla and still has members that have been with us since 2005, including the GM. We pride ourselves on having always cleared the content throughout each expansion. All the while, keeping a healthy balance of RL and WoW.


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Here are some of the basics you need to know:

1. We are a PVE, mythic progression guild that focuses solely on raiding. That said, we have plenty of raid members who take an active interest in doing PvP outside of our raid times.

2. We are always looking for exceptional players who possess the skill and knowledge of their class and who can perform on a level above the average player to be competitive. Our average item level as a guild is around 710+, that means we need people to have similar gear and be 700+ to be competitive.

3. Our Raid Times are Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday; 7pm - 10pm Server Time. We expect our raiders to be available during that time frame unless real life issues come up.

4. We use Ventrillo. All raid members must be on vent during the raid, you are not required to be vocal, but we encourage it.

PS: Please update your profile and select who your main character is. This will help establish what permissions you have, and help you navigate the site.

Kormrok down - Ruin 3/13M

Landhut a posted 19 hours ago

Good job guys, we killed him in 4 pulls tonight and almost got council as a bonus on the first night of progression! :)

RIP Archimonde - 13/13H

Landhut a posted Thu at 21:21

Another one bites the dust - good job guys, easy 1/2 night of progression mythic boss.

Hypotonia Good fucking job guys ill be back a week early to get carried for free loots but seriously good job ...

Ruin 1/13M - Good job!

Landhut a posted Aug 11, 15

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